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My schedule

Hi Frens

If i didn't answer your call, reply your sms or my hand phone is switched off, then maybe i am out of town.

You still can try to email me at "", or WhatsApp my hand phone.

Below is my schedule:

Overseas Travel during the following periods:

Year 2017
Jan                  Bangkok, Phnom Penh (CNY reunion dinner)
Apr                 Hangzhou (Mount Putuo)

Hope to collect some second hand smart phones (still in working condition) for the young adults in Cambodia.

Note: more photos are available on my facebook (

My past backpacking routes

When i was browsing through my past blogs, i have the idea to summarise my past backpacking trips, starting from year 2008:

March 2008: Thailand
After i resigned from my full time teaching.
Bangkok --- Sukhothai --- Chiang Mai --- Chiang Rai (+ Chiang Saen, Mae Sai) --- Pattaya --- Kanchanaburi --- Nakhon Pathom --- Bangkok

August 2008: Cambodia
Be a volunteer @ the orphanage, Hope Village.
Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Phnom Penh

October 2008: Laos
After Cambodia, i begin to explore Laos too.
Bangkok --- Nong Khai --- Vientiane --- Van Vieng --- Luang Prabang (intl flight to) --- Bangkok

February 2009: Laos
Being 'jobless' so i decide to explore Northern and Southern Laos.
Bangkok --- Chiang Rai --- Huay Sai --- Luang Prabang --- Phongsali (+ trekking to Akha Tribe) --- Mengla (failed to cross the border) --- Phongsali --- Muang Khoua (slow boat via Nam Ou River) --- Vientiane --- Pakse --- Bolaven Circuit --- Don Det (Si Phan Don) --- Pakse --- Vientiane --- Kuala Lumpur

April 2009: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand
Visit the children @ Hope Village and join the fun of water festival in Thailand.
Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Phnom Penh --- Stung Treng --- Pakse --- Vientiane --- Udon Thani --- Khon Kean --- Bangkok

March 2010: Myanmar
Always wanted to visit Myanmar, so on the road again.
Bangkok --- Yangon --- Bangkok

April 2010: Cambodia
On behalf of friends, spread love and joy to the children @ Hope Village.
Kuala Lumpur --- Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Phnom Penh

May 2010: Laos, China, Thailand
Planned 6 months ago, very cheap airfare.
Kuala Lumpur --- Vientiane --- Luang Prabang --- Mengla --- Huay Sai --- Chiang Rai --- Bangkok (domestic flight to) --- Phuket 

August 2010: China, Laos, Cambodia
Explore Yunnan-China via Laos. Also visit the children @ Hope Village during their school holiday.
Kuala Lumpur --- Vientiane --- Yunnan --- Phongsali --- Thailand --- Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Phnom Penh --- Thailand --- Vientiane --- Kuala Lumpur

February 2011: China (Guangxi/Guangzhou/Hong Kong)
Heard about Guilin (桂林山水甲天下) when i was young. Take the high speed train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.
Guilin --- Yangshuo --- Liuzhou --- Nanning --- Wuzhou --- Guangzhou --- Hong Kong (Lantau Island)

March 2011: Myanmar (Mandalay/Bagan/Inlay/Kyaiktiyo)
Last year only visited Yangon, thus on my way to Myanmar again.
Kuala Lumpur --- Yangon --- Mandalay --- Bagan --- Inlay --- Kyaiktiyo --- Yangon --- Bangkok

April 2011: Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia
On behalf of friends, spread love and joy to the children @ Hope Village.
Bangkok --- Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Phnom Penh --- Bangkok --- Penang 

July 2011: Cambodia
On behalf of friends, bring donated items for the children @ Hope Village.
Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Phnom Penh

July/August 2011: Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia
Spread love and joy to the children @ Hope Village.
Bali --- Khon Kaen --- Battambang --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Kampot --- Pattaya

April 2012: Thailand, Cambodia
On behalf of friends, spread love and joy to the children @ Hope Village.
Bangkok --- Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Phnom Penh --- Thailand

May 2012: China (Hangzhou, Jiuhuashan, Wutaishan, Tangshan, Tianjin)
Visit two of the four China's famous Buddhist @ Shanxi Wutai Mountain and Anhui Jiuhua Mountain. Last year i visited Sichuan Emei Mountain together with Jiuzhai valley. Will visit Zhejiang Putuo Mountain next year.
杭州 --- 九华山 --- 南京(转火车)--- 五台山 --- 唐山 --- 天津 --- 吉隆坡(转飞机)

September 2012: Cambodia
On behalf of friends, donate new eating utensils for the children @ Hope Village.
Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Phnom Penh

November 2012: Cambodia
Donate clothes for the small children @ Hope Village.
Phnom Penh

March 2013: Thailand, Cambodia
On behalf of friends, spread love and joy to the children @ Hope Village.
Bangkok --- Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Phnom Penh 

June 2013: Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia
On behalf of friends, spread love and joy to the children @ Hope Village.
Train ride (JB --- KL --- HatYai --- Bangkok) and bus ride (Bangkok --- Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng Hope Village --- Phnom Penh)

September 2013: Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand
Visit godson and grade 12 children in Phnom Penh.
KL --- Phnom Penh --- Bangkok --- Phuket

November 2013: Cambodia, Thailand
Visit godson and children who had left the orphanage and now working in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville.
Phnom Penh --- Sihanoukville --- Phnom Penh --- Bangkok --- Pattaya

January 2014: Cambodia
Bring donated items for the children in Hope Village. Visit Kampot and have reunion dinner with Vibol. End the trip by attending Bora's wedding.
Phnom Penh --- Kampot --- Bangkok --- Sihanoukville (Kampongsom)

March/April 2014: Thailand, China
Visit Wuhan City, Phoenix Ancient Town and Wuyuan Villages in China during spring. Buy new clothes from Bangkok for children in Cambodia orphanage.
Bangkok --- Phitsanulok --- Bangkok --- Wuhan --- Phoenix --- Wuyuan --- Bangkok

April 2014: Cambodia
On behalf of friends, spread love and joy to the children @ Hope Village. Visit children who had left the orphanage and now working in Siem Reap.
Phnom Penh --- Prey Veng (Hope Village) --- Phnom Penh --- Siem Reap --- Phnom Penh

June 2014: Cambodia
Visit Vibol after his exam. Bring gifts to Vibol and his girl friend.
Phnom Penh

September 2014: Cambodia
Visit grade 12 children and Vibol in Phnom Penh.
Phnom Penh

November 2014: Thailand
Celebrate Loy Krathong in Tak and R&R in Bangkok.
Tak --- Bangkok

February 2015: Malaysia, Cambodia
On behalf of friends, spread love and joy to the children @ Hope Village. Have reunion dinner with Vibol and his girl friend Nara.
KL --- Phnom Penh

March 2015: Malaysia, Laos, Thailand
Staff retreat to Malacca, continue my travel plan to visit friends in Laos, and have a short break in Udon Thani.
Malacca --- KL --- Vientiane --- Luang Prabang --- Boun Tai --- Udon Thani --- Vientiane

June 2015: Malaysia, Cambodia
The April trip to Thailand with Vibol was cancelled. Thus i visited him during June school holiday.
KL --- Phnom Penh

October 2015: Malaysia, Cambodia
I missed my flight to Cambodia on September. Thus i planned to visit him before i am busy with my tour leading jobs during year end school holiday.
KL --- Phnom Penh

February 2016: Cambodia
Reunion dinner with Vibol and Nara.
Phnom Penh

May 2016: Cambodia
Attend Nara and Vibol's engagement ceremony on 1st June. On behalf of friend, spread love and joy to the children.
Phnom Penh

June 2016: Vietnam
Travel trip with buddy.
Ho Chi Minh City

October 2016: Malaysia, Cambodia
Celebrate birthday in KL and visit Vibol in PP.
KL --- Phnom Penh

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This is the truth why i am terminating my contract .....

(Part Six - not an April Fool joke)
Anything that happens has 2 parts, the Cause and the Effect.
Some of you may be confused or could not understand what messages i am trying to convey in my articles because of the implicit content. It doesn't matter. You just need to know that i am unhappy about something, about someone.
On the other hand, i would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who have given me their morale support and mutual trust. Children are always the innocent ones, and not the reason why teachers are leaving.
Today while teaching transportation, i told my pupils that teacher Edward will be taking aeroplane to overseas and next week onwards teacher will be absent.
Leaving or rejecting is alway a tougher decision to make as compared to accepting.
Although today is April Fool, but what i have shared is not an April Fool joke.
(Note: the full article will be removed from my fb on Sunday, 3 April 2016, 23:59)
(Part Five)
Everyone has his or her birthday, and it is the same for every country, organisation and company, and people celebrate this special occasion.
You need a lot of planning and manpower when the scale of celebration is big. Hiccups do happen on this special day especially the celebration party has children. i think if the safety of the children has been taken care, minor deviation from the original plan is alright. But in this world there are different kinds of people. Some would like to exaggerate a minor issue, the worst is someone has agreed on the deviation but later turn around to give you a lecture on what is the correct protocol. Yes, i use a lot of 'turn around' in my articles.
Everything has a limit.
A cup has its limited capacity, and that applies to a person too.
So when a cup is full and someone keeps on adding water, it overflows. But at least the cup still can 'overflow'.
Sometimes someone forgets that there is no single approach works for all people. The harsh approach and trying to instill or establish that others have done something wrong may not work for everyone.
Ironically, person A may try to defend for person B's mistake on one matter, but B could be the one who has provided the source of information about A on another matter.
When you think it is enough, although a decision has been made but it has to be executed too.
So this is the outcome.
(Part Four)
Some may say workplace gossip happens in all organisations, but usually it involves only colleagues or subordinates.
The situation becomes tricky when it involves your boss.
And it becomes worse when it involves your boss and your colleague.
Or it becomes worst when it involves your boss, your colleague and another boss.
Sounds complicated? Haha .....
Would you ignore workplace gossip if you are the 'target person'?
Would you confront the 'behind-the-back attacker'?
Would you feel intimidated when the gossip is originated from your boss?
Would you seek help from higher authority to investigate the gossip when it involves your boss, your colleague and another boss?
You may still have to go to your boss or immediate superior first to clarify about the gossip, even when the gossip involved your boss. Your boss may tell you that he or she did not fabricate such untruth information or statement, but your boss will 'investigate' it.
But then maybe two weeks had passed, no update on the outcome of 'investigation'. Then you approached your boss again and your boss agreed to meet and update you about the matter on the following day, but at the same time your boss reminded you perhaps in future you could give ample time notice should you want to raise concerns. (ample time? two weeks still not enough?)
The best part is the whole discussion of the matter may last less than a minute and your boss moves on to another agenda when in the first place there is only one agenda to be discussed for this meeting.
Your boss may deny and suggest that you go and confront the person who has spread the gossip, e.g. your colleage. Then your colleage may ask you if no one has fabricated the information, why the same gossip was spreading through another channel and the same name was mentioned again? Your colleague may also hint your further that someone is telling lie. Would you be satisfied with the outcome and consider the case is closed? Should you believe your colleague or your boss if your colleague also reports to the same boss?
Of course it is possible that in the end both your boss and your colleage may turn around and deny that they have spread any untruth statement after you have decided to reveal your colleage's name to your boss. Although you have evidences to prove your findings but does it help when the mutual trust has been damaged and when the feelings and reputations have been hurt?
(Part Three)
At the workplace, it is alright when we share information among staff, so that we can avoid making similar mistake or avoid getting into a dangerous situation, but the information should not be fabricated.

According to Kurkland and Pelled, workplace gossip can be very serious depending upon the amount of power that the gossiper has over the recipient, which will in turn affect how the gossip is interpreted.
Some negative consequences of workplace gossip may include:
(1) Lost productivity and wasted time,
**(2) Erosion of trust and morale,
**(3) Increased anxiety among employees as rumors circulate without any clear information as to what is fact and what isn’t,
(4) Growing divisiveness among employees as people “take sides,"
**(5) Hurt feelings and reputations,
(6) Jeopardized chances for the gossipers' advancement as they are perceived as unprofessional, and
**(7) Attrition as good employees leave the company due to the unhealthy work atmosphere.
Turner and Weed theorize that among the three main types of responders to workplace conflict are attackers who cannot keep their feelings to themselves and express their feelings by attacking whatever they can. Attackers are further divided into up-front attackers and behind-the-back attackers. Turner and Weed note that the latter "are difficult to handle because the target person is not sure of the source of any criticism, nor even always sure that there is criticism."
It is possible however, that there may be illegal, unethical, or disobedient behavior happening at the workplace and this may be a case where reporting the behavior may be viewed as gossip. It is then left up to the authority in charge to fully investigate the matter and not simply look past the report and assume it to be workplace gossip.
Informal networks through which communication occurs in an organization are sometimes called the grapevine. In a study done by Harcourt, Richerson, and Wattier, it was found that middle managers in several different organizations believed that gathering information from the grapevine was a much better way of learning information than through formal communication with their subordinates (Harcourt, Richerson & Wattier). >>>
For more than 25 years working in different organisations, i was attacked by workplace gossip once before.
(Part Two)
For more than 25 years, i worked with different bosses, or immediate superiors. Some would tell me that his office doors were always open, although most of the time he was out of office; or the doors were always close due to privacy and security reasons; and some have no doors but only cubicle partitions.
Some staff prefer to talk to the boss personally; some prefer to drop the boss an email; some prefer to write the boss a note but remain anonymous; and some never believe it.
How about me? it depends on the attitude of my boss. But i understand one rule - in general boss doesn't like problem or trouble. Thus i always try to solve the problem i faced instead of going to my boss, unless there is a need.
My personal experience was:
(1) When you raise an issue, your boss may turn around and say you are complaining.
(2) When your boss has doubt on your work and decision, so you try to explain it, then an issue surface up. It becomes worse if the issue involves your colleague who didn't follow SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for two years, and your boss still tries to defend for your colleague's mistake but turn around and tell you please don't complain. Your boss may also tell you that by sending an email you are creating a record for your colleage, so next time please do it verbally. Is there any difference if an issue is raised via an email or verbally? i will think it is better to do it via email as you will never know whether your verbal message will be distorted.
(3) Also be prepared that your boss may tell you that what you have raised will go into your record. In the first place, how and who will decide what goes into someone's record?
Back to what my ex-manager had said, it is your body, you decide how you wish to respond to your health problem.
In fact, the boss should be grateful that an issue has been unveiled and he should reflect on why a SOP was not followed.
In the first place if the boss did not initiate a session to discuss his doubt about the work done by the staff, the issue will never surface up and nothing will turn ugly.
(Part One)
i recalled when i was a staff engineer in MNC (Multinational Corporation), i constantly reminded myself not to overload my senior and junior engineers. If i want to know more about the new product that was designed by our RND team, i did the tests myself as i did not wish to utilise pple time for personal gain and objective. And i believed in letting my team members worked peacefully as much as possible.
Now i have passed 50s, i have no interest in digging pple fault as i am not seeking for power. But pls do not mistaken that old man could not perform and does not have pride, yes old man still can work and he has full PRIDE (do you see all the 5 letters stand up?). Also pls do not mistaken that old man has no teeth, yes old man still has at least 90% of his teeth, except he uses the teeth to bite food, not pple.
i also recalled my ex-manager told me, an organisiation, a company, a department, a team etc is like someone's body. No don't worry i am not teaching body parts now. When there is a problem, either big or small, you, the boss of this body, can choose to ignore your health problem, or face it, or maybe you think it is important but not critical, you can put it aside first. But you may need someone, your doctor, to assist you in finding what is your health problem and how to heal it.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

In Memory of Ping Kee (1990-2010), 5th Anniversary.

Dearest Uncle Edward,

Every morning I brush my teeth.
Mummy sleep, I never disturbed.

I watch the Pinocchio's tape.
My nursery progress card I got 21 very good and one good out of 22.
Daddy so happy!

Happy New Year to you.

Ping Kee